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Our vision

Thinking together about visionary concepts for a future worth living for everyone? Again? That's happened many times before... True, but not in the field of industry!

The shiftTanks initiative is the first project in Austria that brings together young people from the technical field who are committed across studies to ponder disruptive solutions that will bring global society closer to a sustainable future step by step.

It involves 5 think tanks in which challenges posed by anthropogenic climate change are addressed. The tanks with the thematic areas of Awareness, Global South, Resources, Energy and Processes will be filled with real and conceptual project ideas from industry and science. The results of the work will be published and made available to the general public.

The think tanks, which are each led by engineering students, offer the opportunity for cross-study networking, active engagement and personal development.

There are already initial collaborations with scientific insitutions in Austria, the Manipal Institute of Technology, India, Waseda University, Japan and many experts in this diverse field. In addition, the think tanks are supervised by mentors from the university's academic staff and student circles.

A positive way out of the climate crisis is possible if there are such associations of clever minds and motivated people who contribute to it in their respective work.

The founding team of the shiftTanks

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